5 Surprising Facts about Dentures

I teach workshops to dentists and dental assistants about making dentures. I tell them that making dentures that chew like teeth isn’t difficult, it’s impossible!

Don’t get me wrong—I can make an excellent denture. But most people don’t understand that dentures are not a replacement for teeth. Dentures are a replacement for NO TEETH.

In my workshops, I teach dentists that everyone involved in making a denture must have realistic expectations about what it will be like for the patient when the denture is done.

Here are 5 facts that you may not know about dentures:

1. Dentures are not as stable as teeth.

You have to be careful with dentures to avoid breaking them loose.

2. Dentures don’t chew nearly as well as teeth.

Studies clearly show that full denture wearers only bite about one-fifth as hard as patients with their natural teeth. A denture wearer learns very quickly not to bite hard, or it will hurt!

3. Denture wearers need to learn a new way of eating.

In a denture, front teeth are “just for show.” Denture wearers learn to cut their food in small bites and chew on back teeth only.

4. Denture patients need to learn a new way of talking.

A new denture will change the way that your tongue adapts itself in different positions in your mouth to form words. It will take practice and patience to learn to talk without lisping.

5. Nearly everyone will have an extended adjustment period to dentures.

A denture is an artificial prosthesis supported by gums. It will take time to adjust to the denture and learn how to eat, speak, and function normally.

At best, dentures are a tolerably acceptable treatment for the condition of missing teeth.

To turn a loose, uncomfortable denture into a comfortable chewing machine, it takes implants—a far more advanced dental technology. Implants are the dental equivalent of a second chance for your mouth!

I would be honored to personally answer your questions about implants. Please don’t hesitate to call me at (816) 587-6444 or email me at drdeyton@drdeyton.com.

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