There is Always a Place for Kindness, Even (and especially) in Business

I used to be a big newspaper reader. These days, though, it’s too easy for it to become overwhelming and depressing. I prefer to keep the view that people all have the capacity for kindness. Instead of giving up on the news, I started seeking out writers and columns that focused on the good stuff in the world.

I came across this article written by Mike Lupica, a children’s author and a sports writer, originally posted on the blog Sports on Earth. I didn’t get permission to repost it here, but I hope I will be forgiven. It’s a story that bears sharing over and over again. This is just an excerpt, but you can read the full story here.

Piscotty Trade to the A’s Both Near and Dear

By Mike Lupica

This is a story about baseball and about family, and perhaps even about Christmas. They know about this story in St. Louis now, for sure, one of the capitals of the game. They know about the story in Oakland. But in the December of big play signings (Stanton and Ohtani), everybody should know about Stephen Piscotty, who was traded from the Cardinals to the A’s now and who now goes home.

Piscotty is 26 and an outfielder and comes out of northern California, Pleasanton, and went to Stanford and has played three years now in the big leagues.  After two good years, Piscotty didn’t do so well last year.  There were injuries for sure, but Piscotty played most of the year knowing that his mother, Gretchen, had been diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. ALS. Lou Gehrig’s disease.  It is a nasty disease that gave rise to the ‘ice-bucket challenge’ to raise money to find a cure.  The Cardinals gave Piscotty family leave time to get him home as much as possible.  They supported him, even when he didn’t perform as well as he had been.  Cardinal President John Mozeliak did the ice bucket challenge twice last year.

Last Friday, Cardinal Mozeliak traded Piscotty to the Oakland Athletics, 30 miles from his home. There were several trade options for Mozeliak and the Cardinals. In the end he chose the A’s. He said he did not solely do that for reasons of the heart, or family, or even because it really is the right season for a story like this. But try telling that to Piscotty and his own family, and his mother Gretchen most of all. This was something you would expect Mozeliak and the Cardinals to do. You just would.

“We had options,” Mozeliak said. “We could have moved him in several different directions. But ultimately we knew that if the offers were even close, we wanted to get him as close to home as possible. In the end, we couldn’t be happier about the way things turned out.”

“In an odd way,” Mozeliak said on Friday, ” this whole thing has come full circle.”


As always, I hope you can find the good in people, even when it proves harder to do so—and I hope we can all help elevate the importance of kindness in both our regular and business lives.


Be well!


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