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Being Tested for Sleep Apnea Could Save Your Life

As many of you know, I had triple bypass heart surgery 7 years ago. All my doctors said at the time, “Guy, you don’t fit the profile of a heart patient. You don’t have family risk factors. You’re not overweight. You don’t smoke. You exercise. You eat well.” New research and a recent diagnosis make me think that undiagnosed […]

What Sleep Apnea Can Do to You

Learn more about sleep apnea from your Kansas City dentist. Sleep apnea is a serious, potentially life-threatening disorder that occurs when an individual’s breathing is interrupted during sleep. Dr. Guy Deyton at Deyton Dentistry in Kansas City, MO offers state-of-the-art treatments for sleep apnea. Read on to learn about the hidden dangers of sleep apnea. 1. […]

Why See a Dentist about Sleep Apnea?

Most people don’t realize that sleep apnea, which can cause significant problems in everyday functioning, also has a detrimental effect on dental health. By far the most common and most serious type of sleep disorder is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), which occurs when your tongue relaxes against the surrounding soft tissues of your throat, causing […]

Lowering the Cost of Dental Care

From my first day of practice, I knew two things about dentistry. I knew that I loved the caring part of delivering dental care. I also knew that I didn’t like the high cost of delivering care, driven by the intricate nature of dentistry, the high cost of the equipment, and the pricy materials. Our office […]