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What to Expect with Sedation Dentistry

If you’re like most of our patients, you desperately want sedation to work for you but you wonder if it’s too good to be true. I’d like to explain the sedation process so that you can know exactly what to expect from dental sedation at Deyton Dentistry. Here’s a step-by-step view of dental sedation:  Schedule […]

Transform Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers

You have a problem with your teeth. Functionally, there’s nothing wrong with them — but it’s another story when you look in the mirror: discoloration, wearing or maybe a slight gap between them. Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for a smile you’re not happy with. Less costly than crowns or bridgework, porcelain veneers can […]

You Don’t Have to Live With Dental Pain

I see patients nearly every day that endure painful and embarrassing dental problems because of the fear and anxiety they associate with going to the dentist. Usually, they’ve put up with a dental problem for months or years before finally coming to my office because they just couldn’t stand it anymore. Most people are relieved to […]