How to Choose a Great Dentist: Check Out Dentist Websites

A dental office’s website can give you a lot of information about that practice—much more than just contact information and rates. Here are several things to look for.

Does the website look professional? 

I think the same way about good websites as I do good manners. Both are really an expression of respect for other people with whom one is trying to communicate. If a company doesn’t have a website that is both current-looking and professional in all aspects, I move on.

Does the website offer helpful information?

It should address topics that are important to you, such as:

  • Toothaches: If you have a toothache, does it have information about diagnosis and treatment of toothaches?
  • Smile makeovers: If you need to improve your smile, does the website have information about how to make smiles look better?
  • Dental sedation: If you are anxious or fearful about dentistry, does the website have information about sedation?
  • Tooth replacement: If you have missing teeth, does the website have helpful information about dental implants?
  • Loose dentures: If your dentures are loose, does the website educate you about what you can do to fix the problem?

What does the website tell you about the dentist and the staff? 

Do you get a feel for the personalities of the dentist and other members of the team, and do you like them?  Does it say how long each staff member has worked there?  Longer staff tenure is a good indication that staff members are treated well, which tells you that patients will be treated well, too.

Is there a discussion about philosophy of care? 

The website should communicate that the healthcare provider is respectful, considerate, and will interact with you like a person—not just a set of teeth and gums that may need treatment. Most people don’t want to be treated like a car whose parts need to be fixed!

Does the website offer a virtual tour of the office?

There should be a video or photos of the interior of the dental office (not just the front of the office building), so that you can get a sense of what it looks and feels like to be in the office.

Does it convey what is special about this dental office?

Is there something unique about this office or this dentist that would be a good fit for your needs?

After looking at dental websites, you may have more questions about selecting a great provider. Whether you are based in the Kansas City area or elsewhere, I would be honored to assist you personally with a referral to one of my respected colleagues. Please don’t hesitate to call me at (816) 587-6444 or email me at

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