You Don’t Have to Live With Dental Pain

I see patients nearly every day that endure painful and embarrassing dental problems because of the fear and anxiety they associate with going to the dentist. Usually, they’ve put up with a dental problem for months or years before finally coming to my office because they just couldn’t stand it anymore. Most people are relieved to discover that they can fix their dental problems without fear by using dental sedation.

I’d like to share this story from one of my patients whose life has been transformed by sedation dentistry. I have changed the name of the patient to protect confidentiality, but the story and quotes are real.

​I met Kevin when his wife called to make an appointment for him. She explained to Julie, our administrator, that Kevin had many bad childhood experiences involving his teeth—so many that as an adult, he put off going to a dentist for several years. He had a good job with dental benefits, but he never used them because the thought of going to the dentist made him shudder. Finally Kevin’s teeth became so unattractive that his wife asked him to see a dentist, just for a consultation. She showed him one of our ads about dental sedation and convinced him they could go together.

When Kevin’s wife called us, she made it clear that all her husband wanted was an opportunity to talk and find out if dental sedation could help him. He absolutely was not ready for anything else. Julie told her that we understood and that our priority would be to establish trust. They agreed to have Kevin complete his paperwork at home in order to minimize his time in the waiting area.

On the day of his appointment, Kevin and his wife were welcomed to our office and immediately escorted to our consultation room. Julie reviewed Kevin’s forms, listened to his concerns, and took notes. After 15 minutes, she excused herself, briefed me on Kevin’s concerns, and then introduced me to Kevin and his wife.

I will always remember what happened next. After the introductions, I asked Kevin how could help him. He replied, “You’ve already helped me. No one has ever sat down and talked to me like this and listened. I already feel like a giant load has been lifted.”

As we continued talking, I addressed all of Kevin’s questions and provided details about what he could expect sedation dentistry to be like. Kevin decided to make a second appointment for an examination and x-rays. Ultimately, because of the sedation options that were available, Kevin chose to have all his teeth fixed: the broken ones; the missing ones; the ones that didn’t look good; the ones that hurt. This is what Kevin has to say now:

 “My first appointment was very impressive! Dr. Deyton and his team immediately reduced my fear. It’s the only way I could have ever had my work done. I would definitely recommend sedation to anyone who has avoided dental care because of past experiences.”

Dental sedation gave Kevin the opportunity to feel good about his teeth again. If fear has kept you away from the dentist, I invite you to call my office at (816) 587-6444 to learn how sedation dentistry can help you.

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