Should I Get Dental Implants?

Are you ready to find out whether these restorations are the best way to replace your missing teeth?

You know you need to treat your tooth loss. Maybe you’ve already been mulling over the pros and cons of different treatments or you are in the beginning of your research. While many patients have found dental implants to be an incredible way to replace missing teeth for the long term, our Kansas City, MO dentist, Dr. Guy Deyton, is here to help you determine whether implants are truly the best fit.

If you are interested in replacing one or more missing teeth then chances are good that you are considering whether dental implants is the best option. You may be a great candidate for implants if:

  • dr deytonYou have healthy teeth and gums that are free from decay or untreated gum disease. If our Kansas City general dentist discovers that you do have gum disease or cavities, these issues will need to be treated before you can get implants.
  • You have a strong, healthy jawbone. There needs to be enough bone to be able to support your dental implant. Since bone loss is a common issue in those with tooth loss, if a patient doesn’t have sufficient bone density, they need require bone grafting prior to getting implants.
  • You are dedicated to caring for your new restoration. While implants are designed to function just like real teeth, it’s important that you treat them like real teeth and keep them clean. You should brush and floss them and protect them from plaque buildup. You should also make sure that you keep up with regular dental checkups.

Factors that may have an impact on whether or not you are an ideal candidate for implants include:

  • Having a chronic health problem like uncontrolled diabetes or heart disease. While having these conditions doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get implants, we will want to make sure that your condition is being properly treated and under control.
  • Currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, or taking immunosuppressant drugs.
  • Smokers who aren’t planning to quit prior to their treatment. Not only does smoking negatively impact healing but it can also greatly increase your chances of implant failure.
  • Children and teens whose jawbones are still fully developing.
  • Women who are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant during treatment.

If you are interested in what dental implants can offer you and are ready to find out if you are an ideal candidate, call our Kansas City, MO restorative dentist office today to schedule your cosmetic consultation: (816)587-6444

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