Real Stories about Dental Implants: Gaining the Confidence to Smile Again

Sometimes front teeth just don’t develop, or they may be lost in an accident.  If you’ve ever had an unattractive or missing front tooth, you may feel that you can’t relax because of what people might think of your teeth. Now, with dental implants, you can restore your beautiful and natural smile.

This true story about my young patient Sarah shows how dental implants can give anyone the ability to smile with confidence. (I’ve changed her name to protect confidentiality, but the story and quotes are true.)

Sarah told me, “I was always hiding my smile, always afraid one of my friends would notice and make fun of me.”

When Sarah was a young teenager, she was involved in a serious accident.  Thankfully, she recovered, but she lost her two front teeth. For several years, Sarah wore a retainer that replaced her front teeth with obviously fake plastic teeth.

Sarah and her mother found us after researching extensively for cosmetic dentists. Our job was to replace her teeth so that she could smile again. Together, we decided on implant-supported front teeth.

This is what Sarah has to say today:

“Dr. Deyton’s staff is always extremely kind, compassionate, and welcoming.  As a very insecure teen, working with a staff like this made the process of finding the right teeth for me so much easier. My implants provide the security of knowing they will stay in place at all times.  Dr. Deyton individualized them to fit my mouth and matched the color of my teeth perfectly!”

I would be happy to personally talk with you about dental implants can bring back your beautiful smile. Give me a call anytime at (816) 587-6444 or send an email message to

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