Real Stories about Dental Implants: Replacing a Loose, Bulky Partial Denture

Anybody who has ever worn a partial denture will tell you that it’s better than nothing, but barely. Partial dentures are a lot like wearing dress shoes—they look nice to other people, but you just can’t wait to get home and take them off!  With the miracle of dental implants, you can get rid of your partial denture forever.

This is a true story about one of my patients. (I have changed her name to protect confidentiality, but the story and quotes are real.)

When I first met Dorothy, she was 74 years young. 

Before retirement, Dorothy ran her own business. Now she enjoys life to the fullest.  The first thing I thought when I met her was, “This lady has style!” No matter where I ran into Dorothy, in the dental office or in the grocery store, she was dressed to the nines.  Dorothy had the knack of arranging every accessory to fit perfectly. Scarves, shoes, earrings, and hat were always perfectly selected. Dorothy could coordinate every detail, except her teeth!

Like many of us, Dorothy didn’t grow up rich. Early on, she couldn’t afford the kind of care she now enjoys. As a result, Dorothy had some missing back teeth. Over the years, she tried partial dentures, but experienced all the frustrations with her partials that most people do: they felt big, didn’t chew well, and collected so much food that she had to take them out immediately after eating to clean them.  Finally she had enough and asked about implants. Dorothy decided on implant-supported crowns to replace her partial denture.  Now she has “real teeth” that stay in place, and she can chew everything.

Dorothy says:

“I didn’t have enough back teeth to chew properly. Dr. Deyton and his staff were very good about explaining my options. I knew exactly what to expect. They took very good care of me during my treatment and I am so pleased with the outcome!”

If you would like to learn more about replacing partial dentures with implants, I would be happy to personally talk with you about your situation. Call anytime at (816) 587-6444 or send me an email

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