Real Stories about Dental Implants: Replacing Uncomfortable Dentures

I’d like to share a few stories from my patients who found greater quality of life through dental implants. This is Ruth’s story. (I have changed the name to protect confidentiality, but the story and quotes are real.)

Ruth always put her children first. 

Ruth and her husband worked hard so their kids could live in a good neighborhood, go to good schools, and go to college. Whenever there was a choice to be made, Ruth would sacrifice her own dental checkup to make sure her kids got theirs. When I met Ruth, many of her lower teeth were sore and loose, and she had difficulty chewing. It’s one of life’s ironies—now that her kids were grown and Ruth could afford to have her teeth fixed, her lower teeth were unfixable.

Ruth tried a lower denture, but it was a struggle for her.  The denture “floated” and pinched her gums, and she struggled to eat.  Finally she decided to have implants to support her denture.  After the implants were placed, the denture was attached so that she could snap it in “rock solid.”  Finally, the denture didn’t move, and Ruth could eat everything comfortably!

This is what Ruth says now:

“My implant-supported teeth are so comfortable, I forget they are even there.  I can eat everything! It’s wonderful!”

If you would like to learn more about replacing your uncomfortable dentures with implants, I would be honored to personally discuss your situation. Give me a call anytime at (816) 587-6444 or send an email message

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