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8 Reasons Why People Choose Deyton Dentistry in Kansas City, MO

WE CARE, and it shows!

Find out why patients in an independent survey rated us at 4.92 on a 5-point scale for friendliness, attitude, and concern for patient comfort. Read What Our Patients Have to Say.

We’re very, very good at what we do.

In an independently collected survey, our patients rated our OVERALL care 4.98 on a 5-point scale. Read What People Say to find out what patients say about us.

Dr. Deyton is well-respected by other dentists.

Take a look at What Doctors Say to read what other dentists think of Dr. Deyton.

Our office is a relaxing place to be.

We’ve intentionally created a soothing environment by incorporating a calming color pallette, art and water features into our office design. You can take a virtual Office Tour to see our office.

Our office smells nice.

We mindfully use scented candles and aromatherapy to make our office more pleasing. When you walk in the door, you won’t be confronted with medicinal or dental smells.

No dental sounds.

We provide you headphones so that you can listen to over 50 non-commercial music stations or select from over 100 television stations to watch on your personal monitor.


If headphones aren’t your cup of tea, you can join us in a game of “Name That Tune” or help celebrate one of the many occasions that we embrace to prove every day that People Matter!TM

Our service is so great, you’ll want to refer your family and friends!

Call us today to find out why so many people recommend us! (816) 587-6444.

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